Rock Creature
That's me taking a picture of it at Newport Beach R.I. Notice its head on the right, one eye is showing. It appears to have a trunk or some sort of a beak. On the left of the body you can see its big fat tail that curled up as it died. It has a big round body. Its legs are not seen, they're under the body. I call it the Rock Creature because it has the ability to blend in with the many boulders along Newport shores.

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Wounded Warrior 2011

Jackson TWP, NJ and Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club have hosted their 4th Annual Wounded Warrior event. It was held on October 8, 2011.
Read about last year’s Wounded Warrior event at Jackson HERE.
Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, as well as from the Vietnam, Korean and WW II wars, all met at the Justice Complex in Jackson. From there they were given a motorcade parade to the Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club, also located in Jackson.
The motorcade was escorted by the Jackson Police Dept, local Fire Departments, Motorcycle groups and many other volunteers.
Also in the motorcade rode the NJ version of the FDNY Truck #343, a tribute to the first responders who lost their lives on 9/11, the Truck # representing the 343 first responders who died on that fateful day.
The motorcade arrives at Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club

Here is a close-up of FDNY Truck #343. The names of those fallen 343 first responders are written on the side of the truck.

This is the back of Truck #343. The beautiful picture on the tailgate is a tribute to 911 victims. Sign reads: “We didn’t forget” “We got him”

These are the few of the World War II Veterans that were able to attend. It was a privilege to honor those who fought “The Big War”.

Veterans and their families were offered a variety of shooting disciplines. We provided them with all types of rifles and pistols to shoot. They also got to try out archery, trap and cowboy action shooting.
Mary and I again volunteered for the pistol line. Here she’s explaining to a Junior how to operate a revolver in single-action mode.

Here, I am preparing a 9mm for a couple of veterans. Later I found out that one of them is an Iraq War celebrity. See next picture

Last year I met a former shipmate from the USS Forrestal. This year I met a disabled Army Veteran who helped capture Saddam Hussein. He’s the guy in the middle.

Click HERE to read a news story about Jeans Oscar Cruz.
Many helped with the Wounded Warrior event but special thanks goes to Mayor Reina and Al Dolce, both members of the Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club, for organizing the Wounded Warrior event.
Al told me that next year will be Vietnam Vet’s day. Of all the wars, I think the Vietnam War Vets deserve an extra special recognition.  They not only fought a long hard war but were also subjected to all sorts of indignities at the hands of our political leaders and certain public groups.