Rock Creature
That's me taking a picture of it at Newport Beach R.I. Notice its head on the right, one eye is showing. It appears to have a trunk or some sort of a beak. On the left of the body you can see its big fat tail that curled up as it died. It has a big round body. Its legs are not seen, they're under the body. I call it the Rock Creature because it has the ability to blend in with the many boulders along Newport shores.

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In Part 1, I started drinking. It was this sweet Chardonnay my wife happened to find for me, don’t remember the brand. Soon the local supply became unavailable so I went back to Manischevitz and cough syrup.
Does Chardonnay take the place of pain medication? Well, during my “binge” I went for two blood tests to find out. I began the wine test in February, 1911. I stopped taking prescribed NSAIDS but did take OTC’s once in a while, maybe every few days or so I took one Aleve tablet.
I asked for the two inflammation detecting blood tests: Sed Rate or ESR and the C-Reactive Protein test.
The first was 10 days after I stopped taking NSAIDs, the second 45 days later. During that time I drank about 2 glasses of Chardonnay each day. Here are the results:
Note: Before the start of this test I was on 1-2 50mg of Diclofenac. Its half-life is approximately 2 hours.

test result 1 result 2 limits
Sedimentation Rate (ESR) 1
tested feb 15 no diclofenac for 10 days
tested april 1 no diclofenac for 55 days
larger value=more inflammation
C-Reactive Protein 3.4
tested feb 15 no diclofenac for 10 days
tested april 1 no diclofenac for 55 days
larger value=more inflammation

The test results show that my inflammation was within normal limits. It would have been useful to compare past blood tests but unfortunately the only most recent blood test for inflammation I have in my records is of December 2009. Then the ESR count was 2. I don’t have older records.
So how to interpret these test results? Is Chardonnay a cure for AS. Of course not, does it help, maybe. I survived without NSAIDS for 55 days. I think that exercise and low-starch diet had a lot to do with it and the weather was relatively mild during the test period.

It’s possible that the 2 glasses of wine served as the equivalent of half of my usual pain meds. In other words, drinking the wine was like taking 1 of my NSAIDS. I’m just guessing of course. It was a fun test while it lasted and for the record, I’m really not much of a wine drinker. And no, I don't drink cough syrup.

After the second test I went back to my NSAIDS. But this time I’m trying to manage on only 1 50mg pill a day.

Ray in October