Rock Creature
That's me taking a picture of it at Newport Beach R.I. Notice its head on the right, one eye is showing. It appears to have a trunk or some sort of a beak. On the left of the body you can see its big fat tail that curled up as it died. It has a big round body. Its legs are not seen, they're under the body. I call it the Rock Creature because it has the ability to blend in with the many boulders along Newport shores.

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How fast can you run from a Tsunami?

That was my thought on that day when the earthquake hit Virginia. More broadly I was thinking of how one with a disability can prepare for disasters. I was at the Jersey shore when the tremor occurred. None of us, I’m sure, expected a tidal wave. But many of us, I’m also sure, could not run, let alone walk fast if we had to evacuate the beaches in a real hurry for some reason.  My wife would have no problems however, she used to run marathons.
It wouldn’t be just people with a mobility disability having problems of moving away quickly from a disaster. There were many fat people there on the beach, a lot more since last time I was there. How fast can they run? Come on, America! If this trend continues we may sink the continent.
Sorry for digressing irrelevantly. The point I’m trying to make is that if you think your disability will make it difficult for you to be safe in an emergency then spend some time preparing for it by getting the information you need to deal with your particular disability issue.
Here’s a useful link that may be of value to you. Its title is:  

Individual Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities, Their Families and Support Networks.

This is a quite extensive document. It may take you some time to find what you need but be patient, it’s worth it.
Aug 2011