Rock Creature
That's me taking a picture of it at Newport Beach R.I. Notice its head on the right, one eye is showing. It appears to have a trunk or some sort of a beak. On the left of the body you can see its big fat tail that curled up as it died. It has a big round body. Its legs are not seen, they're under the body. I call it the Rock Creature because it has the ability to blend in with the many boulders along Newport shores.

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A Dressing Tool For Your Shoes

Some of us have such limited range of motion in our backs or legs that we’re unable to bend down to put on our shoes.
Some of the methods people use to solve the problem are:
* have their spouse or kids do it
* wear loafers or slippers
* leave shoes tied loose or use stretch shoe laces
* leave shoes untied
The first is not always practical, especially if you live alone. The others are probably not good for your feet in the long run (pun?).
Now I hear that some very pregnant women walk around barefooted, but I suspect that’s not your condition.
If your shoes have hook and loop (Velcro™) straps, then there may be a better way for putting on your shoes.
Garrett Wade sells 16” long pliers that could work for you. One is straight nosed and the other is curved nosed. These are solid, well made long nose pliers, with non-slip handles. They’re sold as a set for $26.95 or $13.65 for either one of them.
Measure your reach to your shoes. See if you can use these pliers. Depending on your flexibility or bending precautions you may be able to gain extra inches by placing your foot on a step or a stool.
I used the straight nose pliers on my shoes and they work great. You need both hands to operate the pliers. It’s the best way to securely fasten your shoes.
If it turns out that you can’t use them on your shoes after all then you still end up with a pair of nice very long long-nosed pliers.
Remember, you can never have enough tools.
In The Best Gadget of All I mentioned my own home made long pliers. It’s the yellow one in the picture. If anyone is interested in making them, let me know and I’ll post the instructions.
September 2010